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Hello, I am Dayni.

I have been working as a qualified Nutritionist and Sports Nutritionist since 2008, and a qualified personal trainer since 2003. I am currently studying with Mac Nutrition Uni– the leading evidence based nutrition institute- to update my knowledge with the latest cutting edge research in the areas of nutrition and wellness.

I am also a business owner and a mother, so I know only too well how hard it is to juggle all that life presents and still make sure your health and nutrition are on track.

Without the right nutrition guidance, so many elements of your life become unsettled leading to weight gain/weight loss, poor energy, moodiness, digestive issues, poor immunity and even anxiety and depression.

We only have one vessel in this life and there’s no point having a long life if it is not a quality life. So, I am here to inspire you to lead a healthy life and show you how the benefits of quality, balanced nutrition and enjoyable exercise will make an impact in every element of your life.

For those interested in taking their nutrition to the top level I also work with athletes. This side of nutrition is mind blowing and you will learn all the benefits of tailoring sports specific nutrition to your chosen sport.

I’m also a qualified NeuroLimbic Conditioning (NLC) mindset coach and I believe our mindset really determines our destiny. I combine my knowledge in this, along with nutrition and exercise to help others find their path to a greater and healthier life.

I have competed as an athlete in Figure competitions winning state titles and placing 2nd in Australia at the pinnacle of my competing history. And I have also fought my own battles with binge eating, over exercising, exhaustion, anxiety and debilitating hormone issues – all brought on by poor body image and low self-worth. So yes, I know what it’s like to be at an all-time low which is why I have studied and developed the knowledge I now have so I can help others regain their confidence and master their health.

I’d love to help you too!

Please sit back and enjoy my website by AusWeb Design – I’m sure you’ll find how I can help take your nutrition to that next level!

Dayni xx

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